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"Helping Hands"

This picture speaks for itself.

"Gunny" Darnell Keller
Our own DI putting her Turtle Troopers
to the test.

Mary & Darnell - Nest 23
Mary & Darnell demonstrate the necessary teamwork that insures careful egg handling when relocating a nest.

Ghost Crab Predation
This egg was pulled out of the nest by a ghost crab and partially eaten. 

Lois Whitworth.
Lois found the first egg of the 2001 season which as it turns out as also her first turtle egg. She's hooked.

The Savanna Team
We were fortunate this season to have a group of volunteers from Savanna come out each week to give us a hand. Here posing with Karen by one of their nests are Jenny, Lorrie (holding Casey) and Glenn.

Charles Tambiah
Charles is a world renown sea turtle expert. He sent us a picture from Brazil this past winter. Notice the fine cap he is wearing and be sure to "click" on the picture to see what he is carrying in his shirt.

Our Log Book
Charles was kind enough to make an entry in our beach log book. We welcome notes from our visitors with comments, stories, observations and suggestions.

Nest Relocation

 Karen Cunningham is handing off to Alden Weeks who is placing the eggs into the new nest chamber. This was Karen's first season and her first nest.

Megan & Molly Eyler

Megan & Molly have had an interest in Loggerheads since childhood and joined our patrol this year. Displaying a abundance of energy and enthusiasm they patrolled at dawn several mornings each week locating and relocating turtle nests. At the same time they maintained their nighttime vigil for nesting females.

Cloacae Drag

 This particular track demonstrates the imprint of the cloacae after this turtle finished laying her eggs. The cloacae is the tract through which the eggs pass.

Amelanotic Loggerhead

Joan Hardcastle sent us this picture. It was taken in 1992 on Fripp Island. It appears to be a amelanotic Loggerhead turtle although it is not as white as this Leatherback from Trinidad.

In and Out

This turtle demonstrates her single minded purpose as she leaves a straight track to and from the beach.

Early Risers

All the cousins watched the turtle as she laid 113 eggs in nest 42.

Beach Recruit

Abby helps relocate 98 eggs from nest 41..

Spring Training

As with any good team, we started the season with spring training. Here Alden W. is learning how to be kind to a golf ball under the watchful eye of yours truly, Tony N.

july4a.jpg (61331 bytes)

Karen Natoli & Jamie Kopp volunteered to pilot the turtle float for the annual Independence Day parade.

july4b.jpg (59764 bytes)

Alden & Susan Weeks and Susan Mom did a terrific job preparing turtle costumes and the float decorations.

july4c.jpg (59971 bytes)

The costumes were so good in fact that the judges wanted a better look and our turtles were called up to the judging stand.

july4d.jpg (61044 bytes)

and awarded the prize for the best female costume (everyone knows that only female turtles come out of the water).