Fripp Island Turtle Protection Program

Turtle Nest Protection Program

43 Nests This Season

Of the 43 nests laid, 5 were completely lost due to flooding or erosion.

The average success rate of the remaining 38 nests was 82% with relocated nests showing an 11% higher success rate than "in situ" nests.

The average success rate of the 28 relocated nests was 85%

The average success rate of the 10 "in situ" nests was 74%

Our first nest was deposited on the 22 of May, our last was on August 24th.

Our largest nest was nest no. 21 with 164 eggs.

Our smallest nest was no. 24 with 79.

The average number of eggs per nest was 116.

Our best nests were no's 18 & 26 each with 98% of the eggs successfully hatching.

A total of 3864 hatchlings emerged from the 4991 eggs deposited this season on Fripp Island.

A. Natoli