2009 Nest Data  & Summary

Wednesday, May 27th

Nest 1  Linda Burchfield found the first nest between POA 18 and 19. It was left in situ . Patrol members were: Rudy Kushnereit, Judy and John Dayner, Janie Lackman and Linda and Ralph Burchfield.
124 eggs relocated on 6/23 to POA 17 due to spring tide flooding the previous evening. Four broken eggs were left behind.

Inventoried 7/22 (106 dead hatchlings) Ralph Burchfield, Judy and John Dayner.

  18 un-hatched eggs
106 empty shells
124 total eggs 

106/128 = 83% hatch rate

Thursday, May 28th

Nest 2  Jean Kohlmayer and Rich Combes found Nest 2 near POA 2 with help from Betsy & Pete Richards and Annelisa Bindra. The turtle, a small one, came in at low tide and left long entry and exit tracks, and a well-defined body pit. There was a ghost crab hole near the nest and we found the eggs . The nest was above the recent high tide line, so it was left in situ.

Inventoried 8/09 (2 dead hatchlings) Ralph Burchfield, Judy and John Dayner.

  112 un-hatched eggs
    2 empty shells
114 total eggs 

106/128 = 0% hatch rate


Friday, June 5th

Nest 3  Found south of  POA 2 directly behind Nest 2. The team members this morning were Jane and Ben Teneyck, Janie Lackman, Gaby and Darya. Due to the wind and rain, the tracks were extremely difficult to follow and in many places nonexistent. Cyndi & Robbie White, Karen & Tony Natoli, Linda & Bob Freeman and Pat Rowell offered wise council. Karen Natoli located the nest chamber. Left in situ.

Inventoried 8/05 (3 dead hatchlings)

 109 un-hatched eggs
  46 empty shells
155 total eggs 

46/155 = 30% hatch rate

Saturday, June 6th

Nest 4 
Found by Robbie White just north of POA 4. The tracks were very faint because of the rain. 115 eggs were relocated to a higher dune north of the original nest. Robbie & Cyndi White, Janie Lackman, and Karen Natoli.

Inventoried 8/01 (0 dead hatchlings) Robbie & Cyndi.

     4 un-hatched eggs
 111 empty shells
115 total eggs 

111/115 = 96% hatch rate

Sunday, June 14th

Nest 5  Found by Cyndi White assisted by Robbie, Martha & Dick Blanchard, Rich Combes, Jean Kohlmayer, and Janie Lackman
just north of POA 4. 105 eggs were relocated to a higher dune next to nest 4.

Inventoried 8/10 (0 dead hatchlings) Robbie & Cyndi.

     6 un-hatched eggs
   99 empty shells
105 total eggs 

99/105 = 94% hatch rate

Monday, June 15th

Nest 6  Found by Cyndi White assisted by Sam Taylor, Linda Coyner, Robbie White, and Martha & Dick Blanchard south of POA 4. 131 eggs were relocated to a higher dune next to nests 4 and 5.

Inventoried 8/10 (0 dead hatchlings) Sam Taylor, Kathy Agee

     49 un-hatched eggs
    82 empty shells
  131 total eggs
 82/131 = 63% hatch rate

Wednesday, June 17th

Nest 7  Tony & Karen Natoli and Ralph & Linda Burchfield, with an assist from Rob and Cyndi White. Found
just south of POA 17 above the wrack line and left in situ.

Inventoried 8/09 (37 dead hatchlings and a few live ones) Tony Natoli

   27 un-hatched eggs
 111 empty shells
138 total eggs 

111/138 = 80% hatch rate

Thursday, June 25th

Nest 8  Found south of beach access #18. It had to be moved, as it was located right on the high tide line. We moved 102 eggs to access #16. Cindy found the nest after only a few probes. Assisting Cindy White were Robbie White, Christina Tilton, Kathy Agee, Sam Taylor and Rick Keup.

Inventoried 8/14 (1 dead hatchlings) Kathy Agee

    5 un-hatched eggs
  97 empty shells
102 total eggs 

 97/102 = 95% hatch rate

Thursday, June 25th

Nest 9  Jean Kohlmayer, Betsy & Pete Richards, and Rich Combes found Nest 9 in Zone 1, between POA 2 and #3, atop a dune. The turtle had climbed over substantial wrack left from the spring tide the night before and found dry sand after a short crawl up the face of the dune. Left the nest in situ since it is well above recent high tide lines.

Inventoried 8/15 (6 dead hatchlings) Jean Kohlmayer, Betsy Richards

   44 un-hatched eggs
   81 empty shells
 125 total eggs 

81/125 = 65% hatch rate

Saturday, June 27th

Nest 10  Rudy Kushnereit and Jim & Karen Wolbrink found this nest just south of POA 6. 115 eggs were relocated to the face of a small dune nearby.

Inventoried 8/18 (0 dead hatchlings) Jim & Karen Wolbrink

      8 un-hatched eggs
  107 empty shells
 115 total eggs 

107/115 = 93% hatch rate

Saturday, June 27th

Nest 11 Found south of POA 6. Janie was on the beach during the night and had observed the turtle. Betsy Kohler, Martha & Dickie Blanchard found the nest atop a dune. There was a well defined body pit with one egg on the top of the sand. Left the nest in situ.

Inventoried 8/18 (0 dead hatchlings) Pat and Michael Beach
With Clara's help
 and  Hagers enthusiasm.

     2 un-hatched eggs
   92 empty shells
  94 total eggs 

92/94 = 98% hatch rate

Sunday, June 28th

Nest 12 Jean Kohlmayer and Rich Combes found Nest 12 between POA 18 & 19, just north of the original location of Nest 8, in front of the revetment. Jean found the nest on her first probe! With Janie’s help, we relocated 142 eggs to a safer location north of Nest 7 at POA 17.

Inventoried 8/21 (81 dead hatchlings)

     16 un-hatched eggs
   126 empty shells
  142 total eggs 

  126/142 = 89% hatch rate 

Sunday, June 28th

Nest 13 Found north of POA 7.  Martha Blanchard found the nest in a low area. After a few probes, Dickie Blanchard found the eggs. The nest was moved to a sloping dune near Nest 10 & #11 south of POA 6. There were 141 eggs.

Inventoried 8/19 (0 dead hatchlings) Betsy Kohler, Martha & Dickie Blanchard

   19 un-hatched eggs
 122 empty shells
141 total eggs 

122/141 = 86% hatch rate

Sunday, June 28th

Nest 14 Located just North of POA 2. Left in situ. Traces of crab activity and one empty egg shell was found near body pit. Probed by Linda Sigafoos, assisted by Kathy Agee, and Janie Lackman.

Inventoried 8/25 (0 dead hatchlings) Kathy Agee, Linda Sigafoos and Cyndi White

   73 un-hatched eggs
  37 empty shells
110 total eggs 

37/110 = 34% hatch rate 

Wednesday, July 1st

Nest 15 Found at POA 3. Mary G. found the nest after much probing, it was in the rack line. It appeared by the tracks to be a small turtle. 83 eggs were found - three of those were broken. 80 eggs were relocated next to nest 9 between POA 2 and 3. Mary Gnau - Phyllis Conrad - Micki McCormick and Janie came to offer assistance with digging the new nest.

Inventoried 8/21 (0 dead hatchlings) Jean Kohlmayer, Betsy Richards and Hanna, a future naturalist.

   13 un-hatched eggs
   67 empty shells
  80 total eggs 

67/80 = 84% hatch rate

Monday, July 6th

Nest 16 In the wrack line near POA 5. Found by Robbie White. Collins S., Sam T., and Kathy A. relocated the nest to an area between POA 2 and #3. 128 eggs were moved. Photo by Michael Beach.

Inventoried 8/29 (2 dead hatchlings) Annalise Bindra, Kathy Agee, Kathy Grabarczyk and Rita Michals

   19 un-hatched eggs
 122 empty shells
141 total eggs 

122/141 = 86% hatch rate

Thursday, July 9th

Nest 17 Found in front of the Beach Club. The turtle traveled around chairs and two tents before laying her eggs. There were only 69 eggs, buried about two feet down. Moved the nest to the right of steps at POA 16. Cyndi found the nest and was assisted by Cristina Tilton and Robbie White.

Inventoried 9/06 (0 dead hatchlings) Janie, Robbie and Cyndi and a lot of community support.

    3 un-hatched eggs
  66 empty shells
 69 total eggs 

66/69 = 96% hatch rate

Friday, July 10th

Nest 18  Tony N. in front of Capt. John Fripp Villas, just south of beach club - Linda & Bob Freeman relocated 124 eggs just north of POA 16 next to Nest 17.

Inventoried 9/07 (0 dead hatchlings) Bob Freeman, Kelly Taylor

    6 un-hatched eggs
 118 empty shells
124 total eggs 

118/124 = 95% hatch rate 

Friday, July 10th

Nest 19
Tony N. at POA 19 - Karen Natoli, Pat Rowell and Martha & Dick Blanchard relocated 115 out of 116 eggs (1 was broken) next to nest #12, just north of POA 17.

Inventoried 8/28 (47 dead hatchlings) Tony and Karen Natoli

   25 un-hatched eggs
  91 empty shells
116 total eggs 

91/116 = 78% hatch rate

Friday, July 10th

Nest 20
Karen N. just north of POA 18 and left in situ behind the highest wrack line. Martha B., Dick B., Tony N., Janie L., Pat R. & Gretchen ? assisted.

Inventoried 9/12 (0 dead hatchlings) Janie L., Karen Natoli

   105 un-hatched eggs
      4 empty shells
109 total eggs 

4/109 = 03% hatch rate

Tuesday, July 14th

Nest 21 North of the POA 4 crossover post on the ocean side of nests 4, 5 and 6. Its 67 eggs were relocated to the vicinity of nests 9, 15 and 16, just south of the crossover #3 marker. Team members were Bob Freeman, who located the egg chamber, Linda Freeman, Karen and Tony Natoli. Happy Birthday Bob.

Inventoried 9/04 (0 dead hatchlings) Bob and Linda Freeman
Our thanks go out to this young turtle volunteer who came out to nest 21 just before the evening's inventory and found a wandering baby turtle which he guided to the sea.

     5 un-hatched eggs
   62 empty shells
  67 total eggs 

62/67 = 92% hatch rate

Thursday, July 23rd

Nest 22 Found by Karen Natoli in Zone #2, just south of the steps at POA 18 up close to the revetment. Judging by the width of her 36" track, she was a larger and more experienced turtle. She picked a good spot and her nest was left in situ. Additional consultation provided by Martha B., Janie L., Tony N., Dick B. and Jean K.

Inventoried 9/17 (7 dead hatchlings) Karen Natoli, Martha Blanchard

        14 un-hatched eggs
      114 empty shells
     128 total eggs 

114/128 = 89% hatch rate

Friday, July 24th

Nest 23 F
ound on the Sandbar across from POA 13 by Pat Rowell, Dickie Blanchard & Martha Blanchard . The nest was the first for Pat. Congratulations, Pat. There was a ghost crab hole where Martha began probing. After a few probes, she found the eggs and at the same time a ghost crab burst out of the hole. The crab had already damaged an egg. Because the nest was on the Sandbar, 112 eggs were moved to a safe location south of POA 6. Linda Sigafoos, Ben Teneyck and Janie Lackman assisted.

Inventoried 9/16 (0 dead hatchlings) Martha Blanchard, Annelisa Bindra.

        8 un-hatched eggs
    104 empty shells
   112 total eggs 

104/113 = 92% hatch rate 

Friday, July 24th

Nest 24 Linda Freeman found this nest just beyond the wrack line on the north side of POA 16. Given the past history of August tide difficulties in that area, 80 eggs were relocated to higher beach immediately next to and north of the stairs for crossover 16 with the support of Bob, Tony and Karen

Inventoried 9/20 (1 dead hatchlings) Bob Freeman, Kelly Taylor

    2 un-hatched eggs
  78 empty shells
 80 total eggs 

78/80 = 97% hatch rate .

Sunday, July 26th

Nest 25 Dickie B. found Nest 25 POA 3 and #4 and left it in situ. Martha, Robbie, Janie, Jean and Cyndi assisted. 
Over washed by storm tide. No hatching activity.

One of two survivors rescued from this nest and sent out to sea.

Sunday, July 26th

Nest 26 Cyndi W. found Nest 26 south of POA 3. It was left in situ.
Assisted by Robbie, Janie, Jean, Martha, and Dick.

Inventoried 9/19 (0 dead hatchlings) Cyndi W and Martha B

      27 un-hatched eggs
     82 empty shells
   109 total eggs 

82/109 = 75% hatch rate

Friday, July 31st

Nest 27 Just north of POA 4. on the top of a small dune. There was a well defined body pit, and then tracks directly back to the sea. The turtle appeared to be relatively small, with tracks about 2.5 feet wide. Based on tracks, the nest was laid sometime prior to high tide which was about 04:45 today.  Relocated 93 eggs north to POA 3. Linda Sigafoos and Ben Teneyck probed, finding the soft sand of the egg chamber after just a short time.
One egg was broken. Working the nest or assisting this morning on Zone 1 were: Linda Sigafoos, Ben and Jane Teneyck, Pat Rowell, Michael and Pat Beach, Robbie and Cyndi White, and Collins Strickland.

Inventoried 9/23 (0 dead hatchlings) Michael and Pat Beach with Brielle as statistician.

        2 un-hatched eggs
      91 empty shells
     93 total eggs 

91/94 = 97% hatch rate

Fripp Island Loggerhead Patrol  2009 Summary


First Nest Laid on 5/27

Last Nest Laid on 7/31

Best nest was
#11 @  98 %

Biggest nest was
#3 with 155 eggs

Monthly Nest Count

May  2

June  - 12

July - 13

3 Strandings

Eggs Laid*

Avg. Clutch*

Eggs Hatched

Overall Hatch Success*

*note;  These numbers do not include Nest 25 which was washed out

Avg. incubation
duration was
 53.8 days

May =
63 days

June = 51 days

July  55 days

16 nests were relocated and
11 nests were left In Situ