Leatherback Nest - June 2014

Tuesday, June 24, 2014, Fripp Islands first Leatherback nest.

Nest 23 We had the first leatherback nest ever on Fripp. The body pit was huge, along with the tracks. Robbie went for supplies while Cyndi and Mary probed . We were lucky to find it quickly, with such a large pit to explore. What a fantastic first nest ever for Linda. The nest was laid at POA #22, There were 77 eggs along with 33 spacer eggs of different sizes. .... The spacer eggs were put into the new nest approximately where they were in the original nest. The nest had one sloping side (like a slide) with a little bowling out on the other side. It was very deep, close to the top of the probe when put in the hole. Some of the eggs were embedded under a ridge at the top of the nest. The eggs are about the size of a cue ball. Robbie & Cyndi White, Mary Gnau, Linda Urbanski.