The first known attempt to protect the sea turtle from over harvesting.


The Bermuda Assembly, 1620:

An Act Agaynst The Killinge of Ouer Younge Tortoyses

In regard that much waste and abuse hatch been offered and yet is by sundrye lewd and impvident psons inhabitinge within these Islands who in their continuall goinges out to sea for fishe doe upon all occasions, And at all tymes as they can meete with them, snatch and catch up indifferentlye all kinds of Tortoyses both young old little and greate and soe kill carrye awaye and devoure them to the much decay of the breed of "So Excellent a Fishe" the daylye skarringe of them from our shores and the danger of an utter distroyinge and loss of them.

It is therefore enacted by the Authorite of this present Assembly, That from hence forward noe manner of pson or psons of what degree or condition soeuer he be inhabitinge or remayninge at any time whtin these Islands shall pseume to kill or cause to be killed, in any Bay, Sound, or Harbor or any other place out to Sea: being within five leagues round about of those Islands, any young Tortoyses that are or shall not be Eighteen inches in the Breadth or Dyameter and that upon the penaltye for euerye such offence of the fforfeyture of fifteen pounds of Tabacco whereof the one half is to be bestowed in the publique uses, the other upon the informer.