Fripp Island Turtle Protection Rules

Beaufort County’s lighting ordinance:

(Ord. No. 99-12, § 1 (05.230), 4-26-1999; Ord. No. 2001-15, 6-11-2001)

requires no light be visible from barrier island beaches or dunes.



From May through August each year the Loggerhead Sea Turtle comes ashore to nest, their hatchlings emerge thru September. Since all of this activity happens at night, it is crucial that beachfront lighting be minimized.  No flashlights, camera lighting, or house lights are allowed during this period as this interferes with the nesting and hatching process. 


Resist the urge to approach a crawling or nesting sea turtle. Instead observe the activity from a safe distance off to one side. Never get between the turtle and the ocean. Nesting is a critical stage in the sea turtle’s life cycle. Please leave them undisturbed. Stay clear of marked sea turtle nests on the beach. Disturbing a Sea Turtle, the nest or their hatchlings is a violation of state and federal law. 


Please call Fripp Security at 838-2334 to report any turtle harassment.


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