Operating under a permit from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) our 20+ volunteers patrol the beach each morning looking for signs of sea turtle activity. All of our patrol members have been trained for this task and have been issued letters of authorization allowing them to address the various situations revolving around sea turtle nests, eggs and hatchlings.

At the direction of the SCDNR, all of the nests deposited on Fripp on "high sand" and above the "king (spring) high tide line" will be left in place where they were laid (in situ). All other nests will be relocated to higher ground further back from the ocean front.

Since this policy tend to scatter the distribution of nests all along the beach the impression is given that there has been an increase of nesting activity over previous years when most of the nests were relocated to a central hatchery.

It should be noted that since each female nests an average of four times a season. Dividing the nest counts for the last few years by 4 shows us that each year we are only visited by 7 to10 turtles.

It is therefore our mission to help perpetuate this threatened species and at the same time enlighten those around us to the fragility of life on our planet.

A. Natoli