Because our elected officials choose to hide behind web pages that have a form to submit e-mails, copy and paste this message to each of your representatives.

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Sir / Madam;
     I am writing to you because I have become concerned with the direction our nation has been taken in the recent months.  These are areas of concern and I will only support officials for election who share the same concerns such as:

Government waste of our tax dollars has spiraled out of control and we are indebting future generations to pay for this waste. 

 Earmarks in legislation must stop.

 Healthcare of the individual must remain between the healthcare provider and patient and not in the hands of an unnamed government bureaucrat.  Expand affordable voluntary private insurance not more government mandated programs. 

 Legislation must not be enacted without Congress having fully read and openly debated the act. 

 Government appointees should not have the power to enact regulations or create laws, that is only in the power of Congress. 

 Supreme Court Judges must rule based upon the law, not upon their beliefs. 

 Freedom Of Religion is not Freedom From Religion. I have the right to openly were a Cross or Star of David or wear a burqua without government prohibition.  The invocation of God is not restricted to a house of worship and may be uttered freely.

 Freedom Of Speech is not Freedom From Speech. We enjoy the ability to express ourselves, yet we must maintain the responsibility of our actions.  We may not agree on what we each have to say, but we have the right to say it and face the rewards as well as consequences.

     I openly support the July 4th Tea Parties and request that you support them with me.