Unimog Repair, Maintinance, and Modification

This is my '62 Swiss 404.  Since I've had it I have replaced the stock fan with an electric fan, the shielded plugs for Champion, Petronix Electronic ignition for points, and a Flowmaster  muffler.  I have been very pleased with the increase in performance.

I am making this site to list some of the outstanding links I have found by the repair, maintinance or modification that can be found on them, the "how-to"'s I would have been lost without.
Also, I will give you my attempt at fabricating a transmission cooler.   I'm allways looking for links so if you can fill in some of the blanks by sending me links, I will add them as I get them.

Repair- Engine

carb page

Maintinance- Engine

Valve Adjustment 2.2L

Checking Oil Levels

Modification/Swaps- Engine

Engine Swaps candidates disscussion

Turbo Diesel instalation in 404

Repairs- Transmission

Clutch replacement

Transmission Replacement

Front Output Seal Replacement

Maintinance- Transmission

See "Checking Oil" under Engine

Modification- Transmission

Repairs- Suspension & Brakes

Wheel /hub seal replacement

Parts Suppliers