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Each summer giant Loggerhead Sea Turtles nest on Fripp Island
Learn more (video)

Read about Dr. Archie Carr. "The man who saved sea turtles"
 The Fripp Island Loggerhead Patrol STS Presentation - 2002.

Just before dusk on June 16, 2008, the Amerson family had the rare opportunity to witness this nesting loggerhead at the north end of Fripp Island. Waiting for her to finish digging before approaching they watched as she dropped 113 eggs. Our thanks to Michael for the great video.

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Photo by Karen Natoli taken at sunrise as turtle returned to the sea after nesting on May 19,2012.
Each spring the Loggerhead Turtle comes in from the sea to dig her nest in the soft sands on Fripp Island.

After reaching maturity at more than 20 years of age female sea turtles return to the beach to nest while male turtles remain offshore.

August 2012,Stranded Loggerhead Turtle Rescued  (video).

July 2003 - Injured Loggerhead 
rescued and then Rehabilitated and Released

Follow this link to see how
Nest Temperatures are affected by rainfall.

Two Headed loggerhead turtle hatchling.
We experience occasional hatchling anomalies. This one came from our first nest in 2005 and although it certainly has a split personality it seemed otherwise strong and healthy. It was last seen swimming out to sea but indecisive as to the proper direction to take.
An occasional Leatherback Turtle comes ashore to nest in South Carolina.
 See Leatherback Tracks on Hunting Island and the first Leatherback Nest on Fripp. and A Leatherback Rescue

November 2003, Pilot Whale washed ashore on Fripp.

Read some visitor entries from our Loggerhead Log Book.

Ghost Crab predation  of turtle hatchlings is one of our major concerns.

Follow this link to see how to construct a Fripp Island Ghost Crab Trap

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For more information contact our Fripp Island Permit Holder & Program Coordinator Karen Natoli

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