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The Horde Webemail application was upgraded April 1, 2007. Some of the new features added are support for vacation accounts, email forwarding, and account password modification. There's also a file manager that links directly to your web space to allow easy uploading and downloading of files. If you have any questions regarding the new Wemail application please email

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Please read the note on the left and select one of the following web email programs:

Horde WebMail - Access email, backup PC address book, setup vacation/autoresponse notices, setup email forwarding, access personal webspace to upload/download files via a web file manager.
Horde WebMail is the newest web based mail system available. A number of requested features have been added including a sent items folder, much more compatible address book, calendar, task list, and more.

Visual Mail and WebMail Professional are no longer available via the ISLC website. Please contact contact ISLC customer service if you have questions regarding Visual Mail or WebMail Professional. 843.770.1000 ext 251


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