Some Excerpts From Visitors To Our Loggerhead Logbook

" My family and I saw a turtle lay her eggs.
She started before midnight. She finished around one o'clock.
It was an amazing event that made my trip. 
These magnificent creatures need all the help they can get. 
My favorite was seeing it swim into the ocean
with the moonlight on it's back. 
I'm sure everyone would want that moment to last forever. 
There were 118 eggs. It was a thrill of a lifetime. "

Eli Tedesco
S.O.S. Girl

10p.m. - " Watched turtle come in and was so blessed to watch her as she laid her eggs. 
We called her "Grace" for by God's grace we got to see her! 
She was back in the ocean by midnight. 
I was with the turtle patrol in the morning 
hen they relocated the eggs - 145 of them!
She was truly a magnificent animal to watch."

The Whitacres & The Cannons (From Ohio)

We observed turtles for 4 mornings
Great Experience!
Thanks to Tony and the patrol for your teaching!

Zellie Earnest & family from Kingsport, TN

" Hey you guys are doing a great job looks 
like you might set a record and this is a 
real good idea also. "

Bill Weldner ~ Harbor Island

"Gary from Pritchards sends his regards"

"Nest #5 hatched, approximately 25-30 babies.
They all made it to the ocean Safely!" 

Gretch, Nate, Beth, Jean, Dana, Stace, Tom,
Mike, Kiri, April, Tim, Brad, Pat, Janet, Barbara

"Nest #33 in zone 1 - left "in situ". Early morning 
turtle verified by eyewitness "Laura".

Darnell, Mike and Pat

"Iím a guest @ Capt. John Fripp Villas, but I want
you to know that my 10 & 12 year olds daily and 
frequently tell people not to use flashlights nor 
take home ANY live creatures from the ocean. 
Many of us guests, mammalians, people are very
supportive and anxious to see turtles or eggs. 
Thanks for all your hard work with the 
moms and babies!! We'll be back next year again.

P.S. There truly are some people who don't "know"
there are alligators or that sand dollars are living creatures
or that flashlights scare turtles and confuse hatchlings.
We'll keep spreading the word!"

LAS from Cincinnati

"My husband, daughter and I walked around, I finally
found no evidence of anything new @ #1. We were 
disappointed husband and 10 yr. old went back (she was tired). 
I snooped around some more and saw someone flashing 2 
flashlights almost at me. As I walked back to our villa, I 
came upon the family of 3 and was beginning to chat about lights. 
Instead we watched "mama" dig and lay her eggs
(went back for my family to "see"). Too dark to see the eggs,
but we saw lots of flipper motion and sand flying. We cautiously 
waited to see her go back to the ocean. When she finally finished 
with rests(?) in between, we thought she was rotating toward the sea. 
She then crawled slightly parallel to the shore and then turned
toward her "home". What a thrill to see the tracks coming in
and then going out again. I hope we didn't disturb her, we 
stayed back pretty far and took video (no light) as she got
closer to the ocean. Wished the moon were brighter, but still
thrilling! Most exciting part of our 2 weeks @ Fripp!! 
Thanks to all volunteers!"

LAS - Lois, Gary, CJ and Jared Soergel
(Fairfield, Ohio)

"We saw about 40 or more babies walking towards the ocean.
They all seemed to in the right direction, but we had to 
help a few. We never saw which nest they came from. It was 
@ 7:30 so it was still light outside. It was very quiet on the
beach and we were the only ones who watched it happen. It was
so amazing! Thanks for your work." 

Lindsey and Jason Whitlatch
Greensboro, NC

"My dad has been a resident of FI for about 14 yrs. I have always
enjoyed FI, but never as much as this year as we have been here 
about 5 weeks and concentrated on turtle activity via nests and this
journal. What a wonderful service you provide to protect the turtles.
Thanks to all of you for all you do. You make FI even more special."

With gratitude,
Sinclair Cornwell Little and family
Charlotte, NC

To all the Fripp Island Loggerhead Project Volunteers:
It was an excellent summer of collaboration and successful turtle
conservation. Thanks for the opportunity and the sharing.
Until next season, Cheers

Charles Tambiah